Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School

Ages Pre-K through 5th Grade are invited to join us as we work through our Enduring Faith curriculum, with a special emphasis this year on how God’s salvation story in the Old Testament points us to Jesus. We are proud to offer a strong, Bible-based curriculum here at Light of the Hills, with every class designed to share God’s love for us in Jesus and help children see the exciting role they have to play in God’s epic salvation story. We encourage parents to bring their children each week to our Sunday School opening upstairs in the education building, greet their child’s teacher, and join us for a time of song and prayer together before dismissal into Pre-K and elementary classrooms. You can rest easy knowing that all of our teachers have been vetted and undergone professional third-party background checks.

Children are also encouraged to bring loose change offerings each week to Sunday School, which are used to support two needy children – Biswa of East India and Nico of Indonesia, through Compassion International.

Time & Location: 9:30 am upstairs in the Conference Room of the Education Building for opening; Rooms 204 & 206 for class time.

Contact: The church office

Sunday Junior High Bible Study

Right now the Junior High is working through Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, a faith-based look at how being a disciple of Jesus affects our decisions and character as we are confronted by life’s choices and grow into the unique people Jesus’ created us to be.

Time & Location: 9:30 am upstairs in Room 203 of the Education Building.

Contact: The church office

Sunday High School Bible Study – Walking with the Word

Currently, our High School students are studying the role of prayer in the Christian life. What does the Bible say about prayer? How are we supposed to pray? Does God answer prayers? What’s the use in praying if I don’t get what I asked for? We’ll talk about all of these questions and more in this honest and rewarding study!

Time & Location: 9:30 am upstairs in the Youth Room of the Education Building.

ContactPastor Kyle Weeks