Youth Group

We believe that youth are worth investing in at Light of the Hills, plain and simple. To do that, our Youth Group focuses on two aspects of discipleship:

1) Substantive encounters with Jesus through regular time studying Scripture together on Sunday mornings. You can’t follow someone whose voice you’re not hearing, and we want to make sure our Youth are consistently hearing Jesus. Sunday morning High School Bible study takes students through a rotating four-year curriculum designed to allow students to enter college or the workforce with confidence in their baptismal identity, a strong sense of belonging in the community of Christ, joy at God’s purposes for their life, resilient faith in the face of temptations and challenges, an ability to articulate the Gospel to others, and regularly engaged in discipleship practices of worship, Bible study, and prayer. Areas of study include:

  • The Gospel of John
  • Prayer – Does God hear my prayers? Why pray when I don’t get what I want? and other questions.
  • Suffering – Where is God in my suffering, and how to walk with others who are hurting.
  • Technology and Social Media Habits
  • The Resurrection in History
  • The Story of Everything – An overview of the story of Scripture.
  • Dating, Sexuality, and Marriage.
  • Who is the Holy Spirit, and what does He have to do with Discipleship?
  • What Does the Bible Have to Say About Mental Health & Self-Esteem?
  • Habitudes: Christian Character & Leadership
  • Detecting Non-biblical Scripts in the Culture
  • Living as Courageous Peacemakers in a Violent World
  • And a whole lot more!

2) Honest and meaningful relationships with other youth and Christians. Faith is meant to be done in community, so we set aside regular time just for fun and relationships. Every month we meet for a short devotion and a 2-4 hour social event like pumpkin carving, hiking, laser tag, or a movie night just to hang out and invest in each other (days and times vary month to month depending on the activity). For more information, contact Pastor Kyle Weeks.