Today I read Psalm 136, which has a great summary of God’s work of creation and also of His rescue of Israel when then entered the Promised Land.  Psalm 136:1 was a verse our family used as a way of giving thanks after a meal:

(Psalm 136:1 NIV) Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.

As I looked at Psalm 136, I noticed something very interesting.  All 26 verses of the Psalm end with the same refrain, “His love endures forever.”  Verse after verse was ending with the same phrase.  Verse after verse repeated, “His love endures forever.” 

Do you wonder why there is this repetition of the same line, over and over?  Is it because the author of the Psalm was bored?  (No!)  Is it a refrain that would be sung in a worship service?  (Perhaps). 

I find that repetition to be very encouraging, and here’s why.  As Psalm 136 speaks of God’s creative work, we are reminded that even before creation God loved us and planned to save us.  As Psalm 136 recounts the rescue of Israel from slavery and attack, and of their entry into the promised land, God’s love was faithful to His promises.

After a year of frustration, difficulty, and stress, after a year of divisiveness, hatred, and violence, after a year of sickness and controversy and strife, we need to know that God’s love is consistent.  We need to know that no matter how much things change, God’s love for His people does not change.  I need to know, and you need to know, that God cares about each one of us, and His love does endure forever.

Read Psalm 136 soon. 

His love endures forever.”

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