Sunday Adult Bible Study

The Psalms are one of the most beloved books in the Bible. The Psalms express the deepest of human emotions, from grief and sorrow to joy and praise. Beginning October 30, on four consecutive Sundays we will look at psalms of thanksgiving. This will be a great opportunity for us to consider how God calls us to thankfulness as we enter the holiday season and the new year. On October 30, we will examine Psalm 100, a call to worship. On November 6, we will see in Psalm 107 how God rescues His people from all kinds of situations. Our class on November 13 will look at Psalm 118, and discover how God is both victorious and merciful. Finally, on November 20, we will rejoice to praise God for his gifts of creation and redemption, based on Psalm 136.

Past Bible studies have included: The Book of Acts, Luther’s Small Catechism, Living with Resilient Joy, Hope in Times of Fear, evangelism training, the book of Titus, and many others! To watch previous sessions in this study or in another series, browse Light of the Hills’ YouTube Channel.

Time & Location: 9:30-10:30 am in the Multipurpose Room

Contact: Pastor Alan Sommer

Children’s Sunday School

Ages Pre-K through 5th Grade are invited to join us as we work through our Enduring Faith curriculum, with a special emphasis this year on how God’s salvation story in the Old Testament points us to Jesus. We are proud to offer a strong, Bible-based curriculum here at Light of the Hills, with every class designed to share God’s love for us in Jesus and help children see the exciting role they have to play in God’s epic salvation story. We encourage parents to bring their children each week to our Sunday School opening upstairs in the education building, greet their child’s teacher, and join us for a time of song and prayer together before dismissal into Pre-K and elementary classrooms. You can rest easy knowing that all of our teachers have been vetted and undergone professional third-party background checks.

Children are also encouraged to bring loose change offerings each week to Sunday School, which are used to support two needy children – Biswa of East India and Nico of Indonesia, through Compassion International.

Time & Location: 9:30 am upstairs in the Conference Room of the Education Building for opening; Rooms 204 & 206 for class time.

Contact: The church office

Sunday Junior High Bible Study

In October through early November, our Junior High students will be working through a study called, Courage that Defies Death. It takes a lot of courage to live in today’s world as a teenager: confidence in school, confidence to stand up to bullies, confidence to make the correct play in sports, and even the confidence to proclaim Christ as King. Who are our youth looking to as role models in courage? How can they find courage through Christ again in their increasingly busy lives? Courage that Defies Death shows youth that they can be, and should be, courageous because of Christ’s courage on the cross. Each of the six lessons follows a biblical figure–Ruth, Rahab, Jacob, David, Daniel, or Stephen–on their courage journeys and how they found the strength to stand by their faith.

Time & Location: 9:30 am upstairs in Room 203 of the Education Building.

Contact: The church office

Sunday High School Bible Study – Walking with the Word

Beginning November 13th, we’ll be looking at the New Testament book of Colossians. Colossians is a wonderful letter in which Paul powerfully proclaims the truth of Jesus’ eternal divinity, and the incredible reality of the Creator entering His creation to reclaim and renew it. This book has lots to teach us about the creation, why we don’t need to pray to saints or spiritual go-betweens, practical living, and the wide-reaching impact of the Gospel. Bring your Bibles!

Past studies have included: how we should read the creation account, coping with anxiety as a disciple, the resurrection of Christ in history; selected psalms; parables, prayer, the Holy Spirit and Sanctification, and much more!

Time & Location: 9:30 am in the Multipurpose Room.

Contact: Pastor Kyle Weeks

Fit for Life in Christ – Basic Lutheran Beliefs & New Membership Class

An introductory course for those interested in learning more about Lutheran beliefs, or who just want a refresher to tone up flabby spiritual muscles for an energetic life in Christ! Also for adults interested in membership at Light of the Hills.

Time & Location: Sunday afternoons from 12:30 to 3:00 pm in the Conference Room in the Education Building. You are welcome to bring a lunch. We meet September 18, October 2, 16 and 30, and November 6. If you need childcare, please indicate this on the signup form.

Questions?: Church office

Saturday Men’s Bible Study

Currently, our men’s group is studying the minor prophets of the Old Testament. Join us for some good fellowship and time in God’s Word – we’ll have the coffee brewing!

Time & Location: 7:00 am in the Multipurpose Building of the Education Building.

Contact: The church office

Saturday Sisters Women’s Bible Study

Currently the group is studying the Psalms using the book Engaging the Psalms.

Time and Location: 9:00 am every Saturday in Room #102 of the Education Building.

Contact: Debra Smith

Young Adult Bible Study

All young adults who have graduated High School are welcome to join this low-key group for regular Bible study, food, and fellowship! No matter where you’re at with your faith, we’ll be happy to have you with us as we do life together. Beginning May 10th, we’ll be reading Tim Keller’s book, The Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith. The book looks at the parable of the Prodigal Son, but even if you’re familiar with this parable, you will see this parable in a new light, and will leave with fresh astonishment as you hear Jesus Himself reveal the heart of the Gospel! To request a book (provided at no cost) or for more information or directions, please contact Pastor Kyle @

Past studies have included: core discipleship practices (Being Lutheran), the role of sacrifices and the law in the Old vs. New Testaments, and more!

Time & Location: 6:00-7:30 pm at the home of one of our group members, typically on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

Contact: Pastor Kyle Weeks