Light of the Hill’s Endowment Fund helps finance congregational ministries and missions with the goal of making sure that the Gospel continues to be proclaimed in our community not only in the present, but also for generations to come. The Fund is managed by the Endowment Committee (see below).

Over the past decade, Light of the Hill’s Endowment Fund has, among other things: helped provide housing for Pastor Kyle and Krista;

Helped purchase streaming equipment that Light of the Hills uses to stream its worship service and other events to members and friends that cannot attend in person;

And purchased artwork for Light of the Hill’s Sunday School to help the younger congregation’s children better grasp the overall story of salvation in the Bible. 

Light of the Hill’s Scholarship Fund is also managed by the Endowment Committee. Light of the Hill’s Scholarship Fund assists financially with college tuition and other education expenses to members who are pursuing church work careers.

Light of the Hill’s Endowment Committee is:

  • Geoff Skjelbred, Chair
  • Ron Chan
  • Mike Hormel
  • Nick Jew
  • Debra Spellman, Treasurer
  • Brian Theaker

Please contact the church office or any member of the Endowment Committee if you have any questions about the Endowment and Scholarship Funds or would like to contribute to either of these funds. Contributions can be made using monthly giving envelopes, or through the church office.